Peter Ciceri is perhaps the single most inspirational leader I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Although his vast business experience alone would serve to create a captive audience for him to guide, he approaches leadership from a humble perspective. Learning from Peter means he listens to learn from you first, he seeks to genuinely understand. Then, with a perpetually warm demeanor, he guides and counsels with the wisest of words… truly a rare and wonderful person.

Any Ballard, Director, Sales and Marketing, JW Marriot Parq Vancouver and The Douglas

Peter’s leadership enabled us to exceed our investment objectives and achieve a 4.0X on our invested capital in three years.

Mark Taber, Partner, Great Hill Partners Ltd

Peter is an inspiring and influential leader. He is decisive and driven and always approachable. I learned so much… The greatest thing I took away is the common culture and commitment from teams globally when people feel valued. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.

Charma Voller, Human Resources Professional, Performance and Change Consultant, Career and Leadership Coach

Peter is infectiously optimistic and a business visionary. I witnessed his ability to understand corporate culture and how to finesse change in order to re-shape performance. He brought a global perspective and set of experiences from his work in Asia and the US that was invaluable to us as we dealt with complex local issues of this acquisition. A fantastic leader and person.

Ronald S. Hulse, President PEP Services Inc.

If you’re a business person with a problem, any problem, Peter Ciceri can help.

Peter B. Gustavson, FCA, Gustavson Capital

From his career as a CEO to his background (MA) In Counselling Psychology, Peter can assist anyone transitioning within their career or to the next meaningful stage in life.

James W. Dutton (MSc, MD), Fellow, American, Canadian, and International College of Surgeons