As a Therapist & Career Counsellor:

“From his career as a CEO to his background (MA) In Counselling Psychology, Peter can assist anyone transitioning within their career or to the next meaningful stage in life.” – James W. Dutton (MSc, MD), Fellow, American, Canadian, and International College of Surgeons

“Thank you for helping to heal my broken heart.” – SD

As a Business Leader:

“If you’re a business person with a problem, any problem, Peter Ciceri can help.” – Peter B. Gustavson, FCA, Gustavson Capital

“Peter is infectiously optimistic and a business visionary. I witnessed his ability to understand corporate culture and how to finesse change in order to re-shape performance. He brought a global perspective and set of experiences from his work in Asia and the US that was invaluable to us as we dealt with complex local issues of this acquisition. A fantastic leader and person.” – Ronald S. Hulse, President PEP Services Inc.

“Peter is an inspiring and influential leader. He is decisive and driven and always approachable. I learned so much… The greatest thing I took away is the common culture and commitment from teams globally when people feel valued. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.” – Charma Voller, Human Resources Professional, Performance and Change Consultant, Career and Leadership Coach

“Peter’s leadership enabled us to exceed our investment objectives and achieve a 4.0X on our invested capital in three years.” – Mark Taber, Partner, Great Hill Partners Ltd

“Peter Ciceri is perhaps the single most inspirational leader I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Although his vast business experience alone would serve to create a captive audience for him to guide, he approaches leadership from a humble perspective. Learning from Peter means he listens to learn from you first, he seeks to genuinely understand. Then, with a perpetually warm demeanor, he guides and counsels with the wisest of words… truly a rare and wonderful person.” – Any Ballard, Director,  Sales and Marketing, JW Marriot Parq Vancouver and The Douglas